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I have a dark and mysterious past, accused of both trolling and being good... nobody knows my true alignment

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Hello everyone, you may of heard of me from my notorious Lazer Collab Trilogy I made when I was 14. I gave up flash because I had nothing to work on or motivate me during that time period, I thought about coming back as you can tell from my other posts but they were never serious attempts. This changes now, because I finally have a tablet, and the ideas to make the best flash animation series in existence. yes you heard me. I know what it takes now, I have done alot of soul-searching, as well as being recruited to play Goku in a live action adapation of the history of trunks called "Dragon Ball Z: The Light Of Hope" by a newly formed production company called robotunderdog.com (Yes I am handsome enough and I have what it takes my instagram is @aryansaiyan) Anyways this is not the subject Im focusing on. I am creating a 9 part animated series based off the Nazi Zombie storyline in call of duty. Some may be skeptical, but I see so much potiential in the anime-like production im making soley off my behalf, Animation and art has always been my passion, as evident in my past works which are nothing compared to what im creating. I have alot of creative works in the future and I hope im not COMPLETELY forgotten, because I will be uploading all of it here, youtube, and probably wherever else its promoted. Look out for me, follow me on twitter and instagram @aryansaiyan

Tank Dempsey will have to rely soley on his Ray Gun, and the voices in Samantha's head.... well lets just say I have alot planned out and I hope Treyarch enjoy's this when I show them.

Here is concept art I fucking drew in class, my skills have improved so much and the tablet will only make me excell even faster. I hope to have everyone's support. This March. Expect Us2186901_138974758363_n.jpg

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